Reflex has a variety of accessories for your water ski travel, or to compliment your time on the water.

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  • Reflex 840 Release

    Reflex 840 Release – BACK IN STOCK!


    The new 840 release mechanism is constructed with arms of stainless steel. The shape of the release arms have also been designed more vertically to keep the heel strongly connected to the plate. It will be also good for skiers who like to keep their rear foot big toe near of the heel of their front shell and is durable in salt or brackish waters.

    It features new additional tension settings.

    Plus the release mechanism has added brighter bolder colors with more available choices in the future. And if you like to match your ski, custom colors are coming soon.

    The 840 Release can be used with all Reflex Bindings. When ordering, for our reference, please choose the Reflex binding model you will be using.

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  • Reflex SuperShell Heel Cup

    SuperShell Heel Cup


    The Reflex SuperShell Heel Cup is constructed with carbon fiber and includes 4 screws to mount to your plate.
    The Heel Cup is for the SuperShell Binding 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 only. 

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  • Reflex Front Toe Bar Stabilizer

    SuperShell Front Toe Bar


    The Reflex Front Toe Bar is constructed with carbon fiber and includes, inside stainless steel front toe bar, 4 screws and locking nuts.
    The Toe Bar is for the SuperShell Binding 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 series only. 

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  • Reflex Slalom Water Ski Bag

    Slalom Bag


    Use this heavy duty slalom bag to carry your ski and a few accessories.   Large enough to accommodate the wide skis and a few extra items.

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  • Reflex Aluminum Buckles

    Aluminum Buckles


    Based on a snow ski system, these buckles will allow you to tighten your foot in the shell if needed and you can consistently get the same tightness every time. (3 pieces)

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  • Reflex Double Front Toe Bar

    Reflex Double Front Toe Bar


    The double front toe bar is designed for use on the SuperShell binding but can be used with other Reflex Bindings.

    One front Toe Bar – 42€

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  • Reflex Neoprene Slalom Sock

    Neoprene Slalom Sock


    Protect your slalom ski from the car to the dock.  Easy to use and lightweight. 

    (fits all sizes)

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  • Reflex EVA Water Ski Fin Protector

    Sold out

    EVA Water Ski Fin Protector – OUT OF STOCK


    Protect your fin during transport and from the sun.  Our fin protector is designed to protect the wing, edges of the ski and tail.

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  • Reflex Carbon Water Ski Slalom Fin

    Reflex Carbon Fin


    The carbon fins are more flexible and are more responsive than standard aluminium fins.
    The Carbon fin makes the ski feel soft in the turn and gives a lot more control than an ordinary fin, without sacrificing speed and allows the skier to get more angle into the wake.

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  • Universal Adapter Bondplate Reflex

    Universal Adapter Bondplate


    The Bondplate is a new mounting system for skis without inserts.  the “Bondplate” is an adhesive plate in “G10”  material. Screws are positioned according to international standard and allow easy assembly and disassembly of your waterski bindings. (HO, D3, Connelly, Radar, Wiley, etc).  The plate is placed on your ski within  5 minutes, without technical expertise.  The “Bondplate” does not change the flex of the skis but contributes to their longevity.

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  • Reflex 750 Release

    Release Mechanism Reflex 750


    The 750 release mechanism is an efficient and durable system.  The stainless steel adjustment screw allows you to adjust the level of the release point in relation to the skier's weight.

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  • Progear Gloves


    ProGear unique design provides a tight fit and excellent grip while reducing forearm fatigue thanks to its « no gadget » concept

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