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  • Reflex EVA Water Ski Fin Protector

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    EVA Water Ski Fin Protector – OUT OF STOCK


    Protect your fin during transport and from the sun.  Our fin protector is designed to protect the wing, edges of the ski and tail.

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  • Reflex Carbon Water Ski Slalom Fin

    Reflex Carbon Fin


    The carbon fins are more flexible and are more responsive than standard aluminium fins.
    The Carbon fin makes the ski feel soft in the turn and gives a lot more control than an ordinary fin, without sacrificing speed and allows the skier to get more angle into the wake.

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  • Universal Adapter Bondplate Reflex

    Universal Adapter Bondplate


    The Bondplate is a new mounting system for skis without inserts.  the “Bondplate” is an adhesive plate in “G10”  material. Screws are positioned according to international standard and allow easy assembly and disassembly of your waterski bindings. (HO, D3, Connelly, Radar, Wiley, etc).  The plate is placed on your ski within  5 minutes, without technical expertise.  The “Bondplate” does not change the flex of the skis but contributes to their longevity.

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  • Reflex Carbon Undershell Spacer

    Undershell Spacer


    This small carbon plate allows to lift the heal of 3 mm.

    Includes screws and attachment brackets.

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  • Reflex 750 Spring Release Set
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  • Reflex Wide Stainless Steel Rear Toe Bar
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  • Reflex Stainless Steel Front Toe Bar
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  • Reflex Slalom White Cuff Hardshell Binding

    Slalom White Hardshell

    106.00 165.00 

    The white upper cuff has more torsional flexibility to release the leg above the ankle providing greater accuracy and comfort. The new design allows to the skier to move more on the rear before the wake. A flexion brake made out of webbing strap limits the forward flexion for more power on the tip of the ski.

    Order this hardshell with or without the liner.

    No Liner –   106 €
    Thin Liner – 155 €
    Thick Liner  – 165 €

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  • Carbon Rear Slalom Plate for Sizes 4-10
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  • Reflex 750 Release

    Release Mechanism Reflex 750


    The 750 release mechanism is an efficient and durable system.  The stainless steel adjustment screw allows you to adjust the level of the release point in relation to the skier's weight.

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  • Reflex Rear Toe Piece RTP Slalom Binding

    Rear Toe Plate (RTP)


    A Classic water ski Rear Toe Piece (RTP) for slalom water skiing. Comes with velcro strap to adjust for various foot sizes and non skid foot pad.

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  • Reflex Rear Trick Toe Plate

    Trick Ski Rear Toe Plate (RTP)


    For Reflex Trick Ski, on carbon plate.

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