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  • Reflex SuperShell 3.0

    SuperShell 3.0 Water Ski Binding – BACK IN STOCK!

    399.00 437.00 

    Introducing the Reflex SuperShell 3.0 The 2018 SuperShell has been re-designed to sustain the training of the water ski athlete. The 3.0 heel cup has a new & different shape in 4 areas to respect the natural flex of the ski and is shock-resistant. The front has been aerodynamically re-designed for hydrodynamic performances. A new release mechanism (840) with arms constructed of stainless steel. The shape of the release arms have also been designed more vertically to keep the heel strongly connected to the plate. The 840 release is good for skiers who like to keep their rear foot big toe near of the heel of their front shell and is durable in salt and brackish waters. It features new additional tension settings.

    Plus the release mechanism has added brighter bolder colors with more available choices in the future. And if you like to match your ski, custom colors are coming soon.

    Sizes 4 – 10
    G-10 Plate 399€
    Carbon Plate 417€

    Size 12
    G-10 Plate 415€
    Carbon Plate 437€

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  • Reflex SuperShell Heel Cup

    SuperShell Heel Cup


    The Reflex SuperShell Heel Cup is constructed with carbon fiber and includes 4 screws to mount to your plate.
    The Heel Cup is for the SuperShell Binding 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 only. 

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  • Reflex Front Toe Bar Stabilizer

    SuperShell Front Toe Bar


    The Reflex Front Toe Bar is constructed with carbon fiber and includes, inside stainless steel front toe bar, 4 screws and locking nuts.
    The Toe Bar is for the SuperShell Binding 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 series only. 

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  • Reflex R-Style Water Ski Rear Binding

    Reflex R-Style Rear Slalom Binding

    104.00 163.00 

    The R-Style is available on G-10 plate only.
    There is no release mechanism at the rear, the rear shell is screwed onto the carbon plate with 2 large T nuts.

    On the R-style, the rear shell has no upper cuff. The ankle buckle is moved forward to allow to the foot to release easily when the front shell releases.
    Thanks to the many holes drilled on the plate, all angles and distances between the 2 ankles can be easily adjusted.

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  • Reflex ProForm Water Ski Liner

    Reflex ProForm Liner


    The ProForm liner is specifically designed for the Reflex Shells. It is a good solution for skiers who have a preference to have a tighter fit with the alloy buckles. This liner was engineered to be used in water skiing. The strategic placement of the durable construction material is based on its density and a uniform heat molding process. There is less water absorption because of the water drainage ports which allows the liner to be lighter when in use and to dry faster. The same liner is used for the right and left foot. The individual final shape is given by a very simple heat molding process. Available for the Right and Left Foot.

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  • Reflex Front White Cuff Hardshell

    Reflex Front White Hardshell

    293.00 331.00 

    A front hardshell binding with a flexible white cuff.  Comes with choice of G10 or carbon plate, front toe bar, release and hardware.  See product description for the difference between black and white hardshells.

    Sizes 4 – 10
    G-10 Plate 293€
    Carbon Plate 311€

    Size 12
    G-10 Plate 311€
    Carbon Plate 331€

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  • Reflex Front Black Hardshell Binding 2017

    Reflex Front Black Hardshell

    270.00 308.00 

    A front hardshell binding with classic black cuff. Can be used for slalom or trick.  Comes with choice of G10 or carbon plate, front toe bar, release and hardware.  See product description for the difference between black and white hardshells.

    Sizes 4 – 10
    G-10 Plate 270€
    Carbon Plate 288€

    Size 12
    G-10 Plate 286€
    Carbon Plate 308€

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  • Reflex Front Short Water Ski Plate

    Carbon Short Front Plate for Size 4-10


    Use the Carbon Short Front Plate for Shell Sizes 4 – 10. The carbon front plate is lighter than the high density (G10) plate. It can be used for both slalom and trick. Comes with front toe bar, release and hardware.

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  • Reflex Rear Toe Piece RTP Slalom Binding

    Rear Toe Plate (RTP)


    A Classic water ski Rear Toe Piece (RTP) for slalom water skiing. Comes with velcro strap to adjust for various foot sizes and non skid foot pad.

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