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Introducing the Reflex SuperShell 3.0 The 2018 SuperShell has been re-designed to sustain the training of the water ski athlete. The 3.0 heel cup has a new & different shape in 4 areas to respect the natural flex of the ski and is shock-resistant. The front has been aerodynamically re-designed for hydrodynamic performances. A new release mechanism (840) with arms constructed of stainless steel. The shape of the release arms have also been designed more vertically to keep the heel strongly connected to the plate. It will be also good for skiers who like to keep their rear foot big toe near of the heel of their front shell.

Plus the release mechanism has added brighter bolder colors with more available choices in the future. And if you like to match your ski, custom colors are coming soon.

  • New! Heel Stabilizer Cup
  • New! Canting adjustment on the outside ankle so you can change the lateral angle
  • New color with a better UV resistance
  • Rear Stopper
  • Flexion Brake
  • Alloy Buckles
  • Variable G-10 or Carbon Plate
  • Re-designed 840 Stainless Steel Release
  • Binding Drainage System
  • Hardware


USA Customers – Please order on Reflex Water Ski USA
Reflex Water Ski USA

Sizes 4 – 10
G-10 Plate 399€
Carbon Plate 417€
Size 12
G-10 Plate 415€
Carbon Plate 437€


Hardshell and Liner Sizing Chart

Foot Length CM Foot Length Inch Hardshell Size Heat Moldable Thick and Thin Liners
 23 9.1  4  S
 24  9.4  4  S
 25  9.8  6  M
 25,5  10  6  M
 26  10.2  Women 6
Men 8
 27  10.6  8  L
 27,5  10.8  8  L
 28  11  10  XL
 28,5  11.2  10  XL
29  11.4  12  XXL
30  11.8  12  XXL

399.00 437.00 



Our unique binding system increases comfort for more training time and no foot cramping, it also increases lateral control to make your ski react more precisely, and can be controlled by tightening or loosening the buckles depending on individual needs. Reflex bindings are used by some the best international skiers both in slalom and tricks. Stiff shell , adjustable release system, with multiple options to cater for personal choice.



What is the difference between Thick and Thin Liners?

The two liners are designed especially for water skiing’s wet conditions and are heat-moldable for a personalized fit.

Thin Liner

The Reflex thin liner is designed to optimized the stiffness between the foot and the shell.  That’s why it is the favorite of top level skiers. The skiers with larger feet will also prefer the thin liners because they will feel less compressed.

Thick Liner

The thick liner has been designed for thin feet. This liner focuses on comfort  with thick pads at the buckle and and Achilles tendon locations.  The thick liner is especially recommended for ladies and juniors.

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Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 cm

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