Reflex SuperShell 8DC (Direct Contact)

The Reflex SuperShell 8DC is changing the world of water ski Hardshells. It’s the first hardshell binding system with no plate. The DC version allows having the hardshell directly in contact with the ski. It improves the connection, the responsiveness, and also feeling of the skier.

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Reflex SuperShell 8 Original Features

For Skiers that like the Original SuperShell with Plate

Reflex SuperShell 8.0 ORIGINAL

For water skiers that like the traditional SuperShell binding with a plate. The carbon plate, U and toe cup are made of new top fabric carbon/Innegra that brings a better mechanical strength that improves the durability and the performance. The carbon plate is made with high standards of composite production and CNC (computer numerical control) machining to allow an exact location of the holes.
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Reflex Waterski RTP

Reflex Rear Toe Piece 2.0 RTP

Comfort and Universal size. Rear G10 plates fits with the international standards. Anatomical footbed for better foot support and heel cushioning. Double-density strap for optimized comfort and security. Natural rubber cover strap for even distribution of tightening. Micro-adjustable buckles allowing for a perfect tightening of the instep whatever the size (XS to XXL)