Reflex created in the 1950’s, started specialized in the high level and competition equipment with a small and exclusive production of wood skis.

Many titles of world champion were won in slalom and trick until the 90’s then the brand specialized in the quality leisure part of the water ski market. Many European, Japanese and South American skiers remember the first time glide on the water on a Reflex!

In 2000, the new century started with a new boss coming from the composite material industry and hydrodynamic engineering.

Reflex came back to the excellence and innovation, first in trick ski (shortboard) and by presenting the first slalom hard-shell releasable binding. From 2005 Reflex is on the podium with many skiers around the planet.

In 2007 Reflex launched a new generation of 100% full carbon ski with incredible technical properties. The success came very fast and some years after, Reflex is regularly represented on the most exclusive podium of the planet.

Check around you, some of your friends are probably using one of our innovation that pushed the water ski in the 21st century.