Reflex frequently asked questions (faq)

The Reflex system is especially well-suited for you because when comparing it with rubber bindings it only has advantages, no disadvantages.

  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Greater comfort, thus more passes for the skier.
  • Security in release from falls.

A person using the Reflex system should not weigh less than 88 pounds [40 kilos]. This is because even when the release mechanism is set at the minimum number it still may not release.

What are the advantages versus rubber bindings? The Reflex system provides many advantages for both slalom and trick skiers.

  • More reactive
  • Comfort from the adjustable buckles
  • No cramps due to the thermo-formed liners
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Security of release in an extreme crash due to the fact that you can precisely set your release mechanism
  • Solid and durable

These advantages have convinced many high level skiers around the world to abandon their rubber bindings for the Reflex hardshell.

Your shoe size is not the most reliable method to determine your hardshell size. We recommend that you measure the exact length of your foot. The best way to do this is to stand and place the heel of your foot against a wall, then measure from the heel to the end of the front toe.

There are 2 standard settings used for the inserts of skis on the market today. All our plates are adapted to fit both these insert settings. Also, because of our long slots on our plates it makes it easy to adjust the plate forward or backward on the ski.

The release mechanism should be rinsed on a regular basis to remove any debris. You should check to be sure that all screws are tight on the release system before each set. There should be no movement between the release system and the hardshell, nor between the hardshell and the front toe horseshoe. It needs to have a snug fit to be effective. There is possibility that with time the system could loosen so then you may need to move the release forward one hole. Due to the fact that the certain components of the system will last longer than others, it is possible to purchase certain components of the Reflex system separately.

Reflex is constantly testing and improving our products. We do not recommend that you make any kind of modifications to our system. This could have hazardous results. We especially discourage to use another hardshell with our system, other than the Reflex hardshell. The rigidity of the Reflex hardshell is critical in the performance and the safety. We have available several options to upgrade your Reflex hardshell Carbon Upper, carbon bases, and aluminum buckles.