Reflex Rear Slalom Binding


The Shell
The classic Rear hardshell slalom water ski binding. Comes with G10 plate, front toe bar and release.

The 930 Release
The new improved 930 release mechanism is constructed with arms and springs of stainless steel. The shape of the release arms have also been designed more vertically to keep the heel strongly connected to the plate. It will be also good for skiers who like to keep their rear foot big toe near of the heel of their front shell and is durable in salt or brackish waters.

The Buckles and Flexion Brake
Alloy Micrometric buckles give the precision you desire when tightening your binding. The Flexion brake prevents hyperflexion and allows for the release to work properly.

The Slalom Binding comes with your choice of Proform Liner 2.0 or No Liner.

Carbon U Base Option
Our new carbon U base increases the lateral stiffness of the boot for a better connection to the plate and gives precise control of the ski. This new lateral connection to your ski will give more precision to your moves, your turns, and allow you to be quicker from edge to edge. The carbon U only stiffens the base of the boot, meaning that the comfort will remain exactly the same. No compromise!

In addition to ensuring your comfort and the flexibility of the upper part of the boot, the new Carbon U will also allow you to rotate freely which is very important for the fluidity of your moves.

G-10 Plate

  • Reflex G10 plates are now all equipped with a built-in micro-adjuster system!
  • Our micro adjuster system ensures your Reflex hardshell is always in the optimal position.
  • Crafted from durable stainless steel, our micro adjuster is built for enhanced durability, ensuring it stands up to the rigors of your most intense sessions.
  • The system allows adjustments in 0.05″/ 1.20mm increments, giving you the fine-tuned control needed to optimize your stance and maximize your performance.


Hardshell and Liner Sizing


Carbon U Base

Add Aluminum Buckles to the Classic Hardshell

Please note that this is for the classic hardshell only. The SuperShell comes with aluminum buckles.

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